CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE:  Please Do not send any rig to the shop without first having sent us an  Email or called in for an (R/A) return authorization number! 

Any shipment received without an R/A number on the box will be refused at time of delivery. 

Certified Electronics


Welcome to Certified Electronics

Amateur Radio, Vintage Radios

 Consumer Electronics

 Sales & Service 

Specializing in repairs of Vintage Yaesu  Equipment

Transceivers and Amplifiers.

Certified Electronics is located in North West Georgia, we specialize in repairs of Vintage Yaesu amateur radio products and  CB radio transceivers.  We also do repairs on most consumer electronic devices, televisions, computer repair and virus removal.  With over 35 years of experience in two way radio, commercial radio, high power shipboard radar and navigation equipment our technicians are versatile, FCC licensed & ISCET certified.

 Welcome to our Shop Carol W4CLM (CET AK-14) & Ken Styskal




We Love vintage equipment!

We Fix most any dang thing!

Don't let anyone kid you when TV started out, it wasn't much better than this!

Watch a little TV 1949 style:

  Clip  #1        Clip #2


Look for us at your local ARRL Ham Fest,

 South East & Roanoke divisions


We  also service and sell Cobra, Galaxy, Astatic,  Citizens Band Radio products

 Need a Radio Schematic?  Email for more info regarding our schematic services.

We have one of the most complete (in print) libraries of Vintage Radio documentation on the East Coast.

Riders Perpetual service manuals, Lawrence Beitman's Most Often need Radio and Television schematics.

Sams Radio & Television Photofacts starting from 001,  Sams CB Radio Photofacts from 001 





Amateur Radio Repeater Cartersville GA.

147.240 / 147.840  (103.5Hz) VHF W4CLM/R

Hours of Operation

Noon to 6pm Eastern Time

Tuesday through Sat Best to always call first so we don't miss you.

Please Keep in mind we try to have a life off of the work bench and the internet

So it's always best to call first if you are coming from out of state.


9 Scott Drive

Cartersville, GA. 30120

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